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To some, it is but two salad bowls and a spaghetti strainer duct taped together, but to the denizens of Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada, it is the coveted Colander Cup – awarded each year to the team that wins the Kaslo Jamboree hockey tournament.

Elsewhere, children dream of hoisting Lord Stanley’s chalice, but the children of Kaslo ask, “Daddy, do you think I could win the Colander Cup one day?” (If you try your hardest and eat yer veggies, son.) And “How do you drink from a colander, mother?” (Quickly, my girl – very quickly.)

Join us the last weekend before Christmas when the Kaslovian diaspora are called home to attempt to lay claim to the most coveted trophy in all of beer-league, pick-up, has-been and never-was hockey: The Colander Cup.