Rule Change: Non-Resident Family Members Allowed

In our inaugural year last year we limited participation to people who live in Kaslo or have played hockey here.

This year we made an exception for Sarah Burns’ father, who lives in Ontario.

Also this year we moved the tournament back to the weekend before Christmas so we could include as many non-resident Kaslovians as possible as they returned home for the holidays. This has been a big hit, but many of the returning folks have inquired if their spouses or other visiting relatives could play. We’ve decided to include non-resident family members, but there are some stipulations. (See the newly amended Rules page for details and follow the links.)

The top line details are these: The family member must be 19 or older. He/she must complete some extra paperwork to serve as a bit of a scouting report for draft purposes. No preference will be given to non-visiting family members or anybody else regarding draft position or team selection. Everyone plays for the team that drafts them – no exceptions.

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