The First Jamboree After The End of The World

2012 Jamboree Date: December 22nd/23rd

The Kaslo Jamboree Organizing Committee (KJOC) announces that KJAM4 – the 2012 Kaslo Jamboree, will take place the first two days after the end of the world.

The empirically reliable Mayan Calendar has identified December 21st as the planet’s last day. So we can confirm that the draft will go ahead on that day at 7:00 PM as per tradition. After that it’s a bit sketchy.

Many years ago, at its annual Tahitian planning retreat, KJOC developed a Catastrophic Incident Plan (KJOCCIP) which allows for the tournament to continue in the face of such scenarios as cholera outbreaks, overturned beer delivery trucks and the absence of Cal Walker. While there is a provision for The End of The World, it has never been properly tested.

KJOCCIP contains ancient rituals and other more modern protocols to raise referees and arena staff from the dead and work them around the clock without pay so that the tournament may go ahead, regardless of the plane of existence the players may be operating on. Again, this has never been properly tested but it looks good in the plan. (See: Katrina Disaster)

As tradition dictates, the big party will be held Saturday night (the 22nd) but this year you might want to hedge your bet and show up draft night (Friday), too.

More to follow…

3 Comments on “The First Jamboree After The End of The World”

  1. Dear KJOC:
    I must take issue with your flippant remarks re: the Mayan Calendar Predictions. Being somewhat Mayan myself (on my mothers side, a third cousin, 18 times removed I believe) I feel you are only fanning the flames of Mayan warfare with your insensitive and hurtful ridicule of my peoples beliefs. This may manifest itself on the ice at any time and without warning as I’m sure you are well aware of the unpredictability of the modern Mayan warrior. Be forewarned, our people take these transgressions very seriously..
    Yours truly,
    Martimus Maximus

  2. I love the new logo. I wish I could be there this year. Make sure you post lots of updates on the website for me. I’ll be following. Maybe some live tweets during the game?

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