Draft Night

It is almost upon us, my precious.

Soon, all the waiting, the pretending to be working and the feigning rapt attention to increasingly impatient family members will be over and we will be doing What We Are Meant to Be Doing – lacing up. 

Let’s go over some important changes for this year.

1. Friday Night Game

The first ever Friday night game will be held at 9:15 PM. There is a one in three chance you will be playing. Be ready. Be sure you check here or at the arena at 7:30 PM to see what team you are on and when you play.

2. Draft is at The Arena

Because of the Friday night game we have moved the draft to the arena. It’s still closed – only captains and organizers are in the room for the draft, but the beer garden just outside the draft room door will be open and Bill McKenzie will have the new snack bar open with a some solid dinner food on the menu. Teams and full schedule will be announced at 7:30 PM here and at the arena.

3. There’s a Shoot-Out Saturday afternoon at 2:00 PM

More details to come at the arena.

4. Cool New Jerseys and a New Bowl Added to the Cup

There’s more too but that’s all we’re saying now.

Other Important Stuff

Saturday night at the hotel is one of the best nights of the year. Red Eyed Soul is playing.

Every team plays four games. One team will play three times on Saturday. Pray it’s not you and don’t bother complaining if it is.

The schedule is here. The teams will be populated after the draft at 7:30 PM.

One more sleep, for those who are able.

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