Karamzov Wins!

Karamozov - 2014 Kaslo Jamboree Winners

The Brothers Karamazov (a.k.a. Gillies) lifted the Colander Cup in KJAM VI after a convincing 3-0 win over the Brothers Grimm (a.k.a. Brenton) in a rematch of the day’s earlier round robin game, also won by Karamozov.

Karamozov went un-defeated throughout the tournament, drawing the first ever Friday night game against the Coen Brothers (a.k.a. Davie) 4-4, a game in which the tournament’s Best Rookie winner Ryan Tate sat on the bench vomiting relentlessly from an undisclosed “inner body illness.” The Gillies boys drafted well, stocking their team with an awe-inspiring amount of offensive talent. Grimm’s only two defeats came at the hands of Karamozov.

Karamozov goalie Connor “Chucky” Robertson won best goalie, while Grimm goalie Erin Gillies won MVP as the stand-out player. Ryan Tate won Best Rookie while his dad Rob won Best Grinder. Eric Early blew everyone away with another inspired goaltending performance to win Best Sleeper Pick award. Colin “Slo” Anderson won the Who, Me? award and the Cal Walker Award for Off-Ice Leadership this year went to Cal Walker for demonstrating that you can balance playing hockey with family duties. Pat Haegedorn won the Best Veteran(arian?) award.

Thanks to the refs, without whom there would be no tournament. Friday night was handled by local boys Jon Carlson and Mike Scott, who also played in the tournament. Way to step up, boys. The Saturday and Sunday games were handled once again by the Nelson trio of RJ Warren and his assistants Paul Matusek and Dave Smith. This is the third year in a row these guys have come up to help us out and they will be back again next year. Stellar job, boys!

Thanks to Shawn Ellard and Colette Enns for the time-keeping, and Jeff Davie for the music on the final day (we will have Jeff’s playlist running for the entire tournament next year) and Jane Cathro for the most amazing national anthem ever heard in the Kaslo arena.

Bill and Andrea McKenzie did a great job on the food – thank you. And thank you Andrea Hand for a job excellently done on beer garden manager.

Special thanks to Monica Davie, Elaine Richinger, Shawn Ellard and officers Shawn Begg and Matt Douglas for getting people home safely throughout the weekend and on Saturday night in particular. The was a heroic amount of safe deliveries of people to their homes at ungodly hours, keeping all the KJAM news good news once again.

The unsung heros of the tournament are the arena staff. Thanks to Barry & Franz for all that you do for us. You are huge assets to this community.

This year’s Kaslo Jamboree Organizing Committee was made up of John Cathro, Blair Enns, Cal Walker, Shad Wilson and Rick Wiltse with lots of help behind the scenes from many, many others. Great job boys and girls. Here’s to making The Greatest Hockey Tournament on Earth even better next year.

Check out our twitter stream for photos that will keep coming for a few days.

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