KJAM VII :: Get Lucky

KJAM VII Dice Logo

December 18th – 20th, 2015 | Kaslo, BC Canada

The Greatest Hockey Tournament on Earth returns for a seventh year, featuring stud captains who’ve yet to lift the chalice. For one of them, the seventh time will prove lucky. For the others, well, there’s always KJAMs VIII through eternity.

Register Now

Once again this year the draft will be held Friday night at the Kaslo Arena at 7:00pm and Game One will take place that evening at 9:15pm, so there’s a 33% you’re playing Friday night.

This year for the first time three points will be awarded for an off-ice competition that will only be explained after the draft.

View the game schedule and events schedule.

Time to sign up, warm up and start practicing your vocals for Saturday night at the Kaslo Hotel.


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