Game 5: Mutton Chops 2 – 1 Pornstache

Mutton Chops edged Pornstache 2-1 in game five, improving their record to 2-and-0 and relegating Pornstache to 1-and-1.

Mutton Chops’ goals came from Colin Biggar and Ben Starbuck, with Sean Sicotte scoring Pornstache’s lone goal. This game saw eight minor penalties, with four going to Mutton Chops’ Andrew Pelletier, Ben Starbuck, Darryl MacAskill and Spencer Davie. Pornstache’s four were served by Pat Haegedorn (2), Sarah Jones and Dan Rude.

Incidentally, some fans have expressed concern over team Pornstache’s name, thinking it a derivative of the adult film genre, but the name comes from Johan¬†Pornstache (pronounced POURN-stackee) the 18th century Bavarian merchant marine captain who popularized the look of the beardless moustache at a time when most men were either fully bearded or clean shaven. (source: Wikipedia)

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