Covid 19 Update / Donations

Prompted by Bonnie we’ve considered these alternatives:

  • Getting Erik to fly us all in his chopper to a private lake 
  • Resurrecting the made in Kaslo bubble hockey game to seriously do it 
  • Sneaking back into the rink when Barry’s not looking
But …. 
We all know none of these will work. Simply put.   We’re done.  For this year.
As disappointing as this is can we suggest that you help us all get through it this way:
Of the $85 registration fee that you would have gladly paid, please donate $20 to help support our wonderful rink. Donations can be processed below or you can alternately send an email transfer to Every dollar counts to keep our lovely arena going.
We will be back with a fucking vengeance next year.
KJAM out

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