The inaugural Kaslo Jamboree was held on December 5th & 6th, 2009. Four goalies and four captains drafted four teams of 12 skaters. The teams were named after the four elements of Kaslo: Hemp, Halvah, Tofu and Patchouli. Full rosters are below.

Here is the article on the historic final game of the inaugural year and the first ever awarding of the Home Hardware Colander Cup.

Patchouli Drink from the Colander Cup
Kaslo, December 6th, 2009

He became a man on the day of the greatest game ever played. On this sunny December Kaslo afternoon, seventeen-year-old Spencer Davie, with 24.1 seconds remaining on the clock, scored to break a 2-2 deadlock and lift his Patchouli to victory over bookmakers’ favorites Tofu in the first annual Kaslo Jamboree hockey tournament.

Tofu was down two goals to none after the first period, but stormed back to tie the game through a pair of goals by captain Ben Lang early in the second. Lang had won the twoonie shoot-out on Saturday, and his father Rob had won the meat draw right before the game. It looked as though all the rewards of the day were to be claimed by the Langs, but alas, young Spencer Davie, who Lang coached in midget only last year, took it to the older man and showed in one split second that the apprentice had surpassed the master.


2009 Colander Cup Winners Patchouli

Davie’s rush started at centre as a battle of speed as he slipped past two opponents in the neutral zone, then turned to a contest of muscle in the attacking zone as a lone defenceman, trying hard to keep the six-foot, four-inch speedster to the outside, sent Davie to the ice, crashing into the goalie and the net, but not before the Patchouli star got his shot off and deposited the puck into the top corner. Referee Liam Mitchell called the play correctly, the goal stood, the Patchouli bench went crazy, Tofu were stunned, and the boy was now a man.The tournament organizers had initially set the minimum player age to 19, but in what turned to be a defining rule change, lowered it to 17 to accommodate Davie and a couple other under-agers.

Tofu almost tied it again, twice, in the remaining seconds but it was not to be. Patchouli goalkeeper Shane Abbey, another underage player, played a strong tournament and weathered the remaining challenges.

Patchouli captain Rick Wiltse will go down in history as the first man to lift the Home Hardware Colander Cup. Ruth Thomson won tournament MVP in a close voting battle with Patchouli teammate Casey Jones, both of whom scored in the previous game over Hemp to put Patchouli in the final.

The Calvin Walker Award for Off-Ice Leadership went to Halvah’s Calvin Walker, and, in a tie vote, the Best Male Vocalist Award was given to both Jamie Gray of Hemp and Chris Backus from Patchouli. Walker, Gray and Backus all earned their awards for their stellar performances Saturday night at open mic night at the Kaslo Hotel.

The Jamboree was a tightly and respectfully contested tournament that most observers agreed could have been won by any of the four teams. Halvah and Hemp went 1-2 in the round robin, with both Tofu and Patchouli going 2-1 before Patchouli prevailed in the final and their thirteen winners wrote their names into the history books.

2009 Rosters

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