In 2010 we expanded the Sarah Burns’ Father’s Exemption Rule to allow non-resident family members to play (not just Sarah’s father). Please follow the link Eligibility,  and complete the necessary forms. Each non-resident family member application must be approved by The Committee.

Also note that no preference will be made for team selection. All non-resident family members go into the draft pool like everybody else, so your relative can play, but the odds are that he/she will not be on your team.

There will be six teams drafted from the pool of eligible players. The draft is held Friday evening before the first game and after the ceremony of the first tournament. The draft is not open to the public. Draft positions are not made public. Teams are drafted by two-man draft teams consisting of the team captain and goaltender.

The teams are announced at 4:30pm on the Friday night of the tournament and after the final of the second tournament. Announcements are made live at the Kaslo Arena and immediately after, right here on

No player substitutions or trades unless approved by The Committee.

Each team is guaranteed four games. The top two teams will compete in the final.

One periods of 25 minutes long. Last 3 minutes will be stop time if goal difference is 2 or less.

Game Rules

1. Don’t Be a Goof: This weekend is going to be great. The only thing that can screw it up is someone taking him/herself or this tournament too seriously. Don’t be that guy/gal. Besides, the NHL called. You didn’t make it.

2. You Pay, You Play: KJAM is open to players of all skill level and everybody pays the same therefore everybody plays the same. No short shifting, special teams or line matching. Just roll ‘em.

3. Treatment of Officials: See Rule #1. There is zero tolerance for abuse to our amazing refs without whom this weekend would not be possible.

4. Seriously: Anyone suspected of being intoxicated or in any way impaired on the ice will be removed from the game for their safety and the relief of others.

5. Game Duration: Games 25 minutes each, running time. The last five minutes will be stop time if the goal difference is two or less.

6. Sin Bin: Minor penalties that begin during running time are three minutes in length and two minutes if they are called after stop time begins.

7. Game Ejection: Player ejection is at the discretion of the refs, but based largely on Rule #1. After having been ejected from one game, a player may be given the opportunity to demonstrate a full understanding of the intent of this tournament by being allowed to play in the next game. If ejected from a second game it is highly unlikely this player will get to play again in the tournament. If compelled to argue with this rule then see Rule #1.

8. Points: 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss.

9. Goal Limit: There is a limit of two goals per person per game. This limit is removed for overtime in the final game.

10. No slapshots: Windups above the knee will be whistled down and the play moved to the defensive zone. A goal resulting from a shot with a windup above then knee will be disallowed.

11. Tiebreaker: A tie in the standings will be decided in order by 1: Most game wins. 2: Head to head record of tied teams. 3: Goal differential. 4: Goals scored. 5: Fewest penalty minutes. 6: Something else we’ll come up with if required.

12. Overtime: Tie games stand in the round robin. In the final game, if required, there will be a 4 minute sudden death stop-time overtime played 4 on 4. If after 4 minutes of 4 on 4 the game is still tied, then there will be a 3 minute sudden death stop-time overtime played 3 on 3. If after 3 minutes of 3 on 3 the game is still tied, then there will be a 2 minute sudden death stop-time overtime played 2 on 2. If after 2 minutes of 2 on 2 the game is still tied, then there will be a 1 minute sudden death stop-time overtime played 1 on 1. If the game is still tied after this then the goalies will skate to centre ice and do best out of three rock, paper, scissors.

13. All the Rest: All other BC minor hockey rules apply.

14. Small Print: The organizers and officials reserve the right to make up and change rules or penalties for reasons that do not need to be explained to you.

15. Please: You are responsible for returning your jersey to your team captain immediately after your last game. Failure to do so will result in the unholiest of Hells unleashed upon you by a swarm of pissed off organizers.

16. Goes without saying: No frowning, moaning or whining. You’re playing in The Greatest Hockey Tournament on Earth!

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