It’s all a bit hazy…

I wasn’t on the winning team, but doing my duty as a reporter I was in the winning room afterward and things got a little out of control.

I remember Death Star winning…

I remember Matt Brenton almost winning it at the buzzer…

I remember Captain Cal Walker smoking a cigar…

I remember Tor wearing the Colander Cup as a hat right before it was smashed to smithereens…

Of the game I remember Harley Thiessen being the stand out player with (I think) two goals and a shoot out goal…

Maybe we can piece together what happened and offer a fuller report for posterity’s sake…

Here’s the winning team…

Death Star
Walker, Cal ©
Aasen, Tyler
Anderson, Jill
Biggar, Colin
Cathro, John
Cathro, Mike
Dobkins, Dan
Haegedorn, Pat
Lynch, Marty
Snook, Adam
Thayer, Mark
Thiessen, Harley
Turner, Jason
Turner, Terry

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