Getting Weirder by the Minute…

Got these just now – right after my last post.

Ryan, I think this pretty much eliminates your “solo operator” theory as well as your painstakingly assembled “my gut says its Wiltse” case. Maybe you want to quit watching Medium and drive around a bit? I suggest you look for shiny things or a group of women in red hats.


Cheerleaders - I knew it

Looks like the Cup's doing alright!

3 Comments on “Getting Weirder by the Minute…”

  1. two suspects identified

    1- Mona Zilke
    2- Tamara Backus (you can run but cant hide)

    Ryan lets round’em up and bring them in for questioning.


    The cop who doesnt watch medium

    • additional suspects.

      -All the chicks at final survivor night last night.

      Anyone who comes forward by 12 noon to Kaslo RCMP office can request immunity.

      Otherwise, look out because search warrants will be executed shortly.


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